Machaba’s Latest Game Sightings

Machaba’s Latest Game Sightings

The heavens have opened its doors finally and we received a total of 100mm of rain at Khwai.

This has changed the entire scene from barren and gold to lush and green. Carpets of green grass now adorn the floodplains and the riverine forest is thick and dense. It seems the many animals are in a constant state of euphoria and the overcast weather renders them extremely playful.

Lions have been seen crossing the Khwai river and are in constant movement between Moremi Game Reserve and the Khwai area. We have seen mating lions, cubs looking for their mom, hunting lions, and sleeping lions. So lions for everyone!

lion crossing khwai river

Wild dogs have been seen in abundance this month. On one occasion they killed an impala in camp, so no need for our guests to go very far! They too have been crossing to and from Moremi Game Reserve, and our guests had wonderful opportunities to photograph wild dogs jumping in the river.

wild dogs in botswana

Since the first rainfall, elephants have become scarcer, however, a few family herds remain in the area. Plains game has been seen in abundance. The long-awaited impala foals finally started appearing. They are a food source for a variety of animals.

wild dog eating baby impala

The rains also brought out different life: not everyone is a lover of bugs or reptiles, however. Several snakes have been spotted around camp and far beyond. Frogs and toads have formed an orchestra that plays every dinner time, much to the delight of our guests.

python at machaba

Here’s hoping the wonderful rains continue in December!

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