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A fantastic trip to John’s Camp

Ed Selfe who usually is found snapping away with his camera in the Luangwa Valley (Zambia) actually led a safari down at John’s Camp and had a wonderful time and was treated to an incredibly special safari sighting:

“We headed to the majestic forests just inland from the riverine strip, hoping to find some elephant. We hadn’t travelled far when I caught sight of something in the leaf-litter near the road as we passed. I asked our Guide, David, to stop. I said, “Um, please go back, I think I’ve just seen a pangolin!”.


Keeping in mind that this was 5 pm and still daylight, there was some disbelief from others around me! But there it was! Hiding behind a tree, with its long tail still visible, was my first ever pangolin! With David as a qualified walking guide in Zimbabwe, we were able to get out of the vehicle and approach this terribly shy and normally nocturnal creature. Pangolins are mammals, birthing live young and feeding them on milk, but appear reptilian with their covering of large scales”


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