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A Year of Changes at Fugitive’s Drift

This year at Fugitives Drift has been a very busy one with great changes.

In April we renovated the Guest House rooms – this involved gutting and redoing the bathrooms, new soft furnishings and wooden decks with day beds. This has made an enormous difference to our guest experience.

20170820 - CS3_9436 - E - 31 - Photo by Christian Sperka Photography

In May we closed the Lodge for eight weeks. It was very odd to be closed for the first time in 28 years! It was a bittersweet moment as the builders moved in and began demolishing buildings David and I had paced out and built when we started here in 1989. This was quickly replaced with great excitement as the new buildings took shape. We demolished a couple of the old bedrooms to make way for a new sitting room, new dining room, and large deck. The old dining room is now a dedicated museum, and we have a new state of the art kitchen.

20170819 - CS3_9104 - E - 31 - Photo by Christian Sperka Photography

Five new guest rooms were built to replace the demolished rooms and the annex cottage. The original rooms were renovated so all the rooms are now identical. They have new bathrooms, air conditioning, fridges, outside showers, wooden decks, new furnishings and great views. Wooden walkways to the rooms and general areas complete the new look. We are totally thrilled with the new lodge and have received a fantastic response from guests, particularly those that have been here before.

20170820 - CS3_9238 - E - 31 - Photo by Christian Sperka Photography

To complete the new look, we have just replanted the entire lawn at the lodge which already looks wonderful.

Exciting happenings in 2018:

We have partnered with Helivate Helicopter Services, who will be based here from mid January to April 2018, and we will be offering sightseeing trips over the battlefield and surrounding area. Contact for more information on this or to book your flight during your stay with us.

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