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Baby Desert Elephant at Okahirongo

Namibia’s vast landscapes and seemingly endless stretches of roads don’t make it hard for travellers to leave the tourist masses behind. However, for a truly isolated and authentic wilderness experience, the Kaokoland, in the northern corner of the country, is one of the best places to go.

Perched atop a hill, above the lush banks of the ephemeral Hoarusib River, and flanked by steep granite cliffs, Okahirongo Elephant Lodge is fortunate enough to be able to call this remote part of the world ‘home’. Overlooking the table valley of the isolated Purros Conservancy, this rugged yet majestic landscape doesn’t initially seem all that hospitable to wildlife, however, there is in fact a healthy population of desert elephants living in the area.

Recently, a new baby elephant was born into the herd. This was great cause for excitement as not only are desert elephants an endemic species, but their long reproductive cycles mean that babies don’t really come around all that often. As Okahirongo Elephant Lodge is actively involved in conserving these beautiful animals, the team saw this as a major ‘win’ and had been enjoying showing the youngster off to guests – with mum’s permission of course!

ellie and calf

In addition to desert elephants, other animals such as black rhino, giraffe, and even desert adapted lions, can sometimes be found roaming the wild terrain. Guests at Okahirongo Elephant Lodge are offered the opportunity to venture out into the wild desert on professionally guided nature drives in search of these unique animals. Alternatively, guests could also opt to stay at the lodge and enjoy the silence and scenery surrounding them. Either way, there is no ‘wrong’ way to enjoy Kaokoland.

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Update on Okahirongo Elephant Lodge Logistics:
• For August, September, and October, Okahirongo are implementing a new staff member who can speak Russian and will therefore be able to take special care of Russian guests during the busiest period.

• After a few reports from West Air, Okahirongo did a new assessment of the RC airstrip in Marienfluss and are confident that the Cessna 210 can safely land and take off with 4 passengers.

• For August through September, the lodge will be running specials on different dates. For more information on if your booking is eligible for extra discounts, please check with the reservation department: okahirongo@exclusive.com.na.

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