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Behind the scenes of The Changa Experience

Located on the shores of Lake Kariba, with boundless views of the Matusadona mountain range and nothing but the sound of the wilds that surround, Changa Safari Camp is truly one of Zimbabwe’s hidden gems.

Accessible either by small aircraft or boat, this exclusive and secluded camp is the perfect getaway destination. Kariba is renowned for its tropical, balmy weather making for the ideal pool deck lounging, icy-drink-in-hand, unwinding type of holiday. Changa, however, offers the perfect balance between relaxing and exciting. It is not uncommon while sipping on a G&T at sunset, for a family of elephants to join you.


The diverse range of activities allows you to experience the wild side of Kariba’s shores as well as its most serene and peaceful charms. Changa’s unique feel is what inspired Zimbabwean filmmakers, Richard Watson and Kalai Barlow, from Sleuth Creative, to capture a glimpse into the experience of Changa as a whole. Focusing on visual storytelling and a more holistic approach to marketing, the promotional video aims to encapsulate the essence and personal experience of Changa.

The couple joined us in late February for a three-day shoot. February, falling during our rainy season, is still a glorious time of year to visit as the flora and fauna are lush and alive with the symphony of birds and crickets.


It was all-hands-on-deck and The Changa team had a fantastic time gaining insight into all of the behind-the-scenes endeavors. It starred guides, Greg Kurisa, Anthony Phillips, relief camp manager Janine Fowler, and some of the waiting and housekeeping staff. Whether behind the scenes or in the limelight, everyone had a chance to get involved.


One of our most beautiful assets is the newly renovated infinity pool spilling out onto the panoramic vista of lake and mountain. This, of course, was favorite spot during the shoot. From afternoon swims to sundowner drinks, the pool deck looked as luxurious on screen as it does in real life.


Whilst on the search for elephant, the crew came across fresh lion tracks, which skilled and knowledgeable guide, Anthony Phillips had explained to be a mother and her cubs roaming the area. Changa Safari Camp are proud supporters of The Matusadona Lion Project led by principal researcher Rae Kokes. Working hard to preserve the lion population of Matusadnonna, the Research team along with the guides at Changa, are very passionate about promoting the population’s long-term viability.


To experience the African bush by foot is something truly awe-inspiring. The crew was tremendously grateful to have had the opportunity to encounter a guided walk through the untamed wilderness, and to witness a family of elephant as they stood silently only a few meters away.

Weather is always a gamble when filming during the rainy season. After creating a stunning bohemian picnic setting on the beach, that the team had hoped to film at sunset, a thunderstorm encroached. Despite the weather, the talented staff festively shared their African drumming skills.


From walking with elephants and champagne bush-brunches to beach-side entertainment and candlelit outdoor baths the film crew and Changa team were certainly busy. The only problem the team has faced is how to fit all of the stunning moments captured into just over a minute! Keep an eye out on the Changa Facebook page for the video which will be shared soon.

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