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Black Mamba and Lazy Lions at Ghoha Hills

A hint of rain has hit our arid landscape here at Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge, providing a much needed respite for our parched soils and dry bushveld.

This has meant an increase in sightings of buffalo and elephant as they frequent our waterhole and pan in front of the lodge. The pan is fuller than it has been and so is the waterhole. Although its only been a slight increase.

With increased movement of plains game and herbivores, the big cats have come out of hiding. Recently, we spotted a huge male in the company of a lioness. With the summer season, there are always births and new life breathed into the reserve and we’ve enjoyed plenty of big cat sightings. This is definitely due to the increased presence of young animals around.  Plenty of potential prey for our lions!


We enjoyed quite an unusual and thrilling sighting during the course of the month. This is one is for the herpetologists out there! A lethal black mamba snake was being attacked by a mongoose.


Mongoose are partially immune to venom and can easily evade a bite. The black mamba eventually gave up and slithered away. The mongoose was attacking from below and was adamant the mamba was going to be its next meal! This was such a rare and incredible sighting for us.


Back at the lodge, we’re hosting plenty of agents at the moment and will have a slew of exceptional photos and videos due for release shortly. We’re also happy to report that  we continue to bring in exceptional reviews from our guests on TripAdvisor.

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