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Busy Season at Fugitives’ Drift Lodge

February is a very busy time of the year at Fugitives’ Drift Lodge – our busiest month in fact.

Most of our guests venture to us from the United Kingdom and are busy escaping from the miserable winter there to our lovely hot summer. It has indeed been very warm, and we are very pleased to be able to say that we have also had some rain over the past few weeks. Some of our bigger thunderstorms have brought in excess of forty millimeters over a couple of hours! Watching the thunderstorms from the guest house verandah or lodge deck is truly breathtaking. Lightening – both sheet and fork – lights up the sky every few seconds. Fortunately, this mostly happens in the evenings, and so does not disrupt our tours, helicopter rides, or nature walks.


Many of our female animals have had their young, so there are a lot of fresh-faced, fluffy giraffe, zebra, and antelope all over the reserve. The young giraffe are particularly sweet- even though they still tower over most of us! We look forward to the second half of our busy season and all that it brings.

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