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Cave Paintings at Big Cave, Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe

We were lucky enough to have Garth Thompson stay at Big Cave recently along with his client Diana. Garth is one of Zimbabwe’s most famous guides, having written the book “A Guides Guide to Guiding“.

Here Garth is taking pictures of Matobo Hills most famous and remote rock art gallery at Inanke Cave.  The cave is one of hundreds painted by the San people about 3,000 to 10,000 years ago and located in Matobo National Park.  Beneath Inanke’s encompassing dome, herds of giraffe, eland, kudu, ostrich and duiker, among others, fill a broad painted band running the length of the back wall just above eye level.  For visitors able to reach Inanke, the reward is unsurpassed.

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Tel.       +27219140966 or 082 5798811

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