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Cheerful Chirping at Nambwa

The period from December to March marks a very special time here in the north at Nambwa Tented Lodge.

Newly rain-filled backwaters, channels, and wet grasslands become a mecca for different water birds from all over. Any birder would love to get lost in this cheerful gathering that usually takes place during the rainy season when the avian visitors from Europe visit southern Africa.


Bright splashes of blue, pink, red, yellow and more pop up among the lush greenery as swarms of feathered friends from all over the world flock to the banks of the Kwando River. Spot the extremely handsome European Bee-eater and the endangered African Skimmer. See if you can pinpoint the Wire-tailed Swallow, one of the fastest swallows in the region. Keep your eyes peeled for the world’s largest heron, i.e. the Goliath Heron. Will you be able to tick off the Tawny Eagle – one of the raptors with the most variable colouring (almost 50 shades)? It’s an experience that will leave you wondering, “Have I just stumbled into paradise?”


Spread your wings on a birding photographic safari

Discover the magnificent bird species of the region, from migrants to endemic, common to endangered. We get by with a little help from a friend, Pompie Burger, who has recently published Birds of Nambwa. This is no regular birding guide. It is informative, sure, but also very entertaining owing to the author’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

African Monarch Lodges now offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to join an exclusive full 3-day birding photographic safari with the author of the book! Are you ready for a safari you will never forget? Find out more here.

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