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Conservation Safari with Lewa Wilderness

Stay at Lewa Wilderness as part of their ‘Conservation Safari’ and get exclusive access to the Lewa-Borana Annual Game Count.

The Lewa Borana Conservancy is increasingly acknowledged as one of the most important areas of biodiversity in Kenya (rivaling the Maasai Mara). In 2014, Lewa and Borana formed 93,000 acres of prime black rhino habitat, when they took a bold move to remove the fence separating the two areas to create one conservation landscape for the black rhino habitat. With over half of Kenya’s black rhino population found in the local area, as well as Grevy zebra, the only expanding population of the rare wild dog and the only viable population of Lelwel hartebeest in the country.


The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is an award-winning catalyst and model for community conservation, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Green List of successful protected areas.
As part of this safari, you will have direct and exclusive access to involvement in the Lewa-Borana Game Count. This means you will be able to learn more and have exclusive access to this yearly event as the effects of human-wildlife conflict and poaching are understood and discussed.

The safari will be led and guided by Kip Ole Polos, as you visit his home and his lands, as well as meet other conservationist working to promote peace and stability to landscapes and wildlife in Kenya.

16th February 2020
Arrive in Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to be met by your driver and SCC representative and taken to the exclusive hotel, The Emakoko, located in Nairobi National Nairobi – even from the first, you will have the chance of spotting some amazing game, including rhino!

17th February 2020
Spend the day in Nairobi, visiting Giraffe Centre, to learn about the problems related to the decline of wild giraffe across Africa. You will have lunch in the exclusive neighbourhood of Karen, where the famous writer ‘Karen Blixen’ lived, during colonial times. After this, you will visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to meet orphaned elephants who have lost their family and herd to the effects of human-wildlife conflict and poaching. Stay another night at The Emakoko.

18th February 2020 – 20th February 2020
In the morning, you will be driven to Wilson Airport directly to Lewa Downs Airstrip. Here you will be met by a Lewa Wilderness vehicle who will take you to the lodge. It is here that you will meet your guide, Kip.

During your stay at Lewa Wilderness, you will have the chance to visit the Elephant Underpass and meet the local village chief to discuss how the local population is living with wildlife and visit the Operations Room at HQ of Lewa, and meet the Tracker Dogs.
You will spend three nights at Lewa Wilderness.

Have an evening lecture by David Kimiti, Lewa Conservancy Head of Development

21st February 2020 – 24th February 2020
Spend the morning on safari, and then make your way in the safari car to Borana Conservancy. You will be taken to Borana Lodge where you will spend three nights. During your stay on Borana Conservancy, you will enjoy visits to the Borana Healthcare clinic, local schools, and permaculture garden. You will stay three nights at Borana Lodge. You will also have exclusive access to the Borana Game Count on 21st February 2020.

Have an evening lecture from Michael Dyer, Borana Conservancy CEO.

24th February 2020 – 26th February 2020
With the help of your guide, Kip, and armed rangers, you will walk part of the way across Borana to Kip’s, ancestral home of Il Ngwesi Conservancy. This walk is an incredible experience and will allow you to see the full landscape that surrounds you. The walk is approximately four hours and is an incredible way to see the wildlife that calls Borana home.

At Il Ngwesi you will have the chance to meet the community that your guide, Kip, is from. You will have the chance to visit projects ongoing from the conservancy fees you have paid, as well as meet local pastoralists and visit a local school. You will stay two nights at Ilngwesi.

Have an evening lecture from Kip Ole Polos, your guide, and Il Ngwesi Community Elder.

26th February 2020 – 29th February 2020
In the morning, you will be taken to the Borana Airstrip where you will meet a charter plane. This plane will take you to directly to the Maasai Mara, where you will be picked up and taken to Saruni Mara. You will spend three nights at Saruni Mara.
During your visit the Maasai Mara, you will visit what is known as ‘one of the wonders of the natural world’ – the Mara provides some of the best game viewing in the whole of Africa.

You will also visit the Mara Elephant Project (MEP), a conservation project that is working to protect elephants using exciting and modern methods including drones, helicopters and collaring. Their tour of HQ allows for an in-depth understanding of the work that they are doing there.

29th February 2020 – 4th March 2020
In the morning, you will fly back to Nairobi Wilson airport. This is where your guide, Kip, will say his goodbyes.
Guests have the option of leaving their safari here or continuing to a beach break at Manda Bay in Lamu.

During your visit to Manda Bay, you will get the chance to learn more about the issues facing Kenya’s marine life, including overfishing and mangrove destruction. Your stay at Manda Bay will include a visit to Lamu Marine Conservation Trust (LAMCOT) to learn more about what local communities are doing to help solve these problems.


Find more information here: Conservation safari – led by Kip

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