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E-Bike Bush Ride at Cottars

E Bikes at Cottars Camp

At Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, we are launching the first E-bike Bush Rides in our Olderkesi Conservancy, Masai Mara. 


Our guests are getting active and being challenged naturally and physically with our electric mountain bike rides through our Olderkesi Conservancy. Taking time to strengthen their bodies and souls and reconnect with nature, these rides are proving to be extremely popular. We are working to keep our carbon emission at a minimum and so promoting this new activity, as well as our Bush Walks and Running with a Maasai, is a top priority for us. Here’s to getting active naturally and experiencing wildlife on a whole new level!

Other highlights at Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp:

We are thrilled to hear that Wild Dog pups have been born in the area. This is what Calvin Cottar has to say on the matter:

“New arrivals in Olderkesi… wild dog pups! The Community rushed in to inform us of these new pups the other day, and Caroline with her team at Mara Predator Hub managed to set up a camera trap to confirm. Unfortunately where the den is located is very near the Olpusimoru village, and presents challenges to their survival as the area has few natural prey for dogs and large numbers of livestock and human activity. True to expectations, the dogs killed 8 sheep three days ago. Wild dogs are not easy animals to translocate, and their survival of any future retribution by the community (which usually involves blocking their dens access when they are inside and suffocating or burning them with kerosene) will rely on our efforts to educate the community, creating a human and livestock free zone around the den, and figuring out what is a fair method to adequately meet the ‘opportunity cost’ to these poor local people for accommodating these wonderful apex predators on their land. This is an area far from the existing Olderkesi conservancy but it may well be that we have to start negotiating to extend the conservancy to this area.”

Wild Dogs pups

Phera, from Amazing Africa Safaris (@amazingafricasafaris), was treated to a rare sighting of an Aardwolf while celebrating her 5th anniversary with us at Camp! Not a bad gift to get if we do say so ourselves. This is what Phera said about the sighting:
“A first for me… over 20 years going on safari, this past weekend at Cottar’s 1920 Camp proved to be a real treat! Professional guiding always makes the biggest impact. What an incredible sighting!” 


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