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Elephant Visitors at Nambwa Tented Lodge

Sturdy treading by massive feet stirs the soil. Clouds of white dust rise from the otherwise tranquil lands of Bwabwata National Park.

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From afar it is the only tell-tale sign of movement. Their footsteps are incredibly noiseless compared to their enormous size. The growing dust clouds become like a stage as the parade of elephants makes its way towards Nambwa Tented Lodge. One would imagine that immense respect for these gentle giants would trigger a primal instinct to flee, but guests at Nambwa are getting camera-ready for the performance of a lifetime. Each structure at Nambwa was carefully planned to avoid blocking the animals’ age-old routes. The entire lodge was built on stilts interlinked with wooden walkways, to allow even these bulky pachyderms to pass through. As we are sipping our morning coffee in the giant treehouse, the elephants amble along right underneath our toes. Nature does not need to make way for humans. It should be the other way round. That is a sure-fire way of keeping us on our toes. Conservation first.

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