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Fat E-Bikes at Wolwedans

Introducing the brand new Fat e-Bikes that have just been unpacked at Wolwedans!


‘Fat E-bikes’ is a term coined by the makers of these exciting new devices, and refers to the size of their tyres. Different to the standard mountain or racing bicycle, these 500W electric motor charged bikes are designed for the red sand dunes of the Namib and our vast flat Chateau plains, providing the cyclist with a dual-powered experience that engages both their physical effort and the solar-powered engine that provides an extra push for up to 40km per charge, creating a truly exciting gliding effect and sand surfing-like experience.


As we continue to create zero-carbon activities and move our visitors away from passive consumption and towards active participation, we love that the fat e-bikes not only use the renewable energy of the sun to power their motors, they are also a sustainable move towards environmental management and alternative nature-based activities that embrace eco-tourism and our low-impact stance.

Quad bikes are completely off-limits in the NamibRand Private Nature Reserve, the home of the Wolwedans Collection, and these super-charged fat e-bikes are perhaps the next best thing for nature lovers hoping to explore the desert environment up close. E-bikes, as they are also called, are known to cause no damage to the natural environment, emit no poisonous exhaust fumes, have a zero accident rate and leave such little track evidence that’s any traces are simply blown away by the next sand gust. These magnificent bikes also don’t make any noise, contributing to the pristine ambience the area is so well known for.

As a bonus, bike tours on the reserve can accommodate large groups as well as couples and children. They also come with a 3-inch LCD colour display that provides interesting facts about your speed and distance while you’re gliding in the sand.

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