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Forest, Flowers and Fishing at Kitich Camp

With the onset of the short rains, Kitich Forest Camp is living up to its name, with flowers blooming, freshwater fishing and lots of forest fun!


Kitich is not a “game drive” sort of place. It’s perfect for hiking into the hills, tracking on foot and swimming in the spring. We also have a fantastic new walk to introduce, which incorporates Reteti. The walk heads out of the Kitich valley and over the Murit pass, and down the escarpment. Here guests will be met by the Sarara vehicle and transferred to Reteti. After an extraordinary visit with the elephants at Reteti, enjoy a couple of days at Sarara Camp before flying out to continue the safari, or transfer directly out by charter to onward destinations.


Beautiful wildflowers are sprouting, adding vibrant pops of colours through the forest floors and canopy. As the Crotons and Grewia flowers start to bloom, the glorious butterflies come out too, it’s believed The Mathews Mountains has approximately 15% of the total Kenyan butterfly fauna!


Catch of the day! With pristine, crystal clear natural spring water flowing through the forest rivers, it’s a fisherman’s paradise…the tranquility of the surrounding forest is blissful…just another adventure one can do at Kitich!

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