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Green Season begins at Mkulumadzi

October has been an interesting month in many ways at Mkulumadzi.

The green season is officially underway, albeit early. Heavy rains came mid-month brightening our concession. While things have begun to bloom, the temperature has not been as hot as it typically is this time of year. Some evenings were so cool we wore jeans and jerseys!

Our first season for the star bed is winding down. Many guests enjoyed their experience of sleeping under the stars!  With the bush still clear, the game sightings have been brilliant. Five of the lions (the two males and a lioness with her 3 cubs) seem to be hanging around the Nakamba waterhole. Guests have also spotted the rhino on several occasions.

Rhino by waterhole

One of the best sightings was a leopard in a tree with an impala kill. Sounds normal but in Majete the leopards previously haven’t had to expend the energy to drag their kill up a tree to prevent hyenas from stealing their food. With an increase of hyena sightings, the leopards will need to work harder to protect their meal! The game is improving by the day. There’s also an exciting ‘new kid on the block’ in Majete – more news to follow on it soon…watch this space.  Very exciting times at Mkulumadzi and in Majete.

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