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Guests rave about Ghoha Hills

Our guests continue to supply us with rave reviews of the safari experience here at Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge.

In particular, guests have been overwhelmed with our day trip experience into the Savuti Marsh and surrounds. This is a full day safari, incorporating a wealth of habitats, scenery and array of wildlife. From the first stop at the baobab cathedral, to the various stretching points, open grasslands, waterholes, marsh areas and Harvey’s pan; a world of safari wonder literally spills out onto the landscape.

We’d like to showcase these exceptional images sent to us from guests Jan and Ria Kos, who stayed with us during the course of the month. While they were on staying with us, the wildlife put on quite the spectacle. Dazzles of zebra darted across the plains, an undertaker’s convention of marabou stork hovered in the trees, a flock of flightless ostriches amused their onlookers, plains game hung around waterholes, elephants trundled across muddy grounds and rare wild dogs chittered away while everyone observed life unfolding.





Shortly after Jan and Ria left, the breeding herds of buffalo and predators started to frequent the waterhole in front of the lodge and at our hide. The rest of the natural waterholes appear to be drying up and the bushveld is thinning out, which means game is congregating at our waterholes.

Recently, two sub-adult male lions were hiding in the thickets surrounding the waterhole while they watched the buffalo drinking. The herd had numerous newborn calves and shortly after they finished their drinking session, the pathfinder led them away from the area. Guess who silently and masterfully stalked the herd? That’s right, the young male lions!

With winter and the high season approaching, we are expecting to see a lot more action in front of our lodge and in the immediate vicinity.

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