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Head Guide at John’s Camp

With just a few months until John’s Camp opens, let’s hear from the head guide, David Amyot about how he ended up guiding in Zimbabwe.

David and the pangolin

Born and bred in Zimbabwe, David was fortunate to travel through many of Zimbabwe’s parks on weekend breaks and would spend many hours as a child walking in the bush with his father (who was a keen botanist) on their family ranch which was situated in the central part of Zimbabwe. From this developed a passion for the African bush, its wildlife, its history, and its people.

Since 1999 David has guided safaris in many major parks throughout Zimbabwe but was involved in the safari industry from the time he left high school.

His passion as a guide is to walk on foot following tracks and his satisfaction is to give my guests an opportunity to use all their senses, the senses they wouldn’t normally use from the comfort of a vehicle, whether it be tracking a pride of lion or following an elephant bull as he goes about feeding and mingling with the herds or simply looking at a plant or insect which would easily be overlooked from a vehicle.

David on a walking Safari

Last year was a phenomenal year for him at Johns Camp, and being a keen photographer, he managed to capture some special moments.

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