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Latest Upgrades at Lewa Wilderness

Lewa Wilderness has completely rebuilt and refurbished their three original garden cottages to the same standard as their Hillside rooms.

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These garden cottages were the original rooms that David and Delia Craig built back in 1972 when they first started Lewa Wilderness, which was one of Kenya’s first safari destinations. Will and Emma Craig have consistently modernised these rooms over the years, being very careful to keep their charm and character. The re-built of these rooms has also maintained this element whilst adding a fresh and modern interior.

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Being built on the same footprint, the roof on each cottage has been lifted and the addition of multiple skylights provides wonderful morning and evening light into the cottages. The original sitting room and veranda have been knocked through to make bigger, open plan living space and each room has a new and bigger bathroom.

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These wonderful family cottages look over the gardens at the lodge and now are some of our most popular rooms!

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