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Leopard Mountain’s New Look

Upon finishing their annual upgrade last year, Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge decided that their new elegant finishes needed to be complemented with a fine finish regarding furniture.

Jo led the management team in this, and after months of research, various meetings, designing, and many amendments, finally had a tangible vision of what they wanted the luxury chalets to look like was achieved.

This process was filled with many an emotion as the creation took place, as the team at Leopard Mountain would often find themselves asking, “Is this what we want? Will it work? Are our measurements accurate?”. And as the deadline drew closer, they made sure that they would be ready by drafting an organizational plan of how to swap the furniture around.

On the morning of the big day, there was a tangible essence of excitement and exhilaration in the air. The team did not have a lot of time at their disposal to complete everything, so it was going to be a race against time. As there were guests staying there at the time, a beautiful picnic lunch was arranged for them down by the river, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and ensured that the lodge was empty.

When the truck arrived with the furniture, the staff were abuzz, and a feeling of euphoria filled the ranks. The moment of truth had finally arrived! As Ryan unwrapped the first pieces of furniture, the look on everyone’s face was truly a sight to see as you could feel the pride radiating from each member there.

The team efficiently moved through all the rooms, and through all the toil and sweat, they were able to finally see their dream realized. It was a surreal feeling for them to look upon the finished rooms as it had been quite the journey from the days when they laid their first cornerstone. So, with no further ado, we give you Leopard Mountain’s new look:

HOMEWOOD Leopard Mountain (16)

HOMEWOOD Leopard Mountain (1)

HOMEWOOD Leopard Mountain (9)

HOMEWOOD Leopard Mountain (23)

Written by Jian Du Plooy. Photos by Homewood.

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