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Leopard spotting at Tena Tena

This year we have a new star of the show on the leopard front at Tena Tena – a lovely female and her little cub.

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They are incredibly relaxed and we have been having regular sightings of them all year but now the little guy is big enough to be out and about, helping mum and causing trouble. This means that the guests have not only seen her hunting and taking food back for the youngster but also little spats between mum and the cub as he oversteps the boundaries at the dinner table!

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The wild dogs are also being seen regularly and more recently guests witnessed them hunting and killing impala, then sitting down to enjoy the feast with all the social behaviour that goes alongside it. Plenty of whooping and yelping, jumping and prancing.

Last month we had Marie and Denis Grenouillet stay with us up at both Tena Tena and Nsefu and over their stay they had some incredible sightings, however this amazing daytime leopard kill really was the highlight. They witnessed this battle between a relatively small female leopard and this rather large male impala from start to finish.


_DSC4791_AB D

_DSC4841_AB D

Whilst it is always sad to see an animal’s life ending let’s also remember that this is nature and survival and at the same time there is a beauty to the battle and the life that is given to the leopard as a result.

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