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Lions take over Tena Tena Camp

What do you do if you find a pride of lions outside your safari accommodation? This is exactly the situation that Robin Pope Safaris’ Tena Tena Camp guests recently found themselves in when three adult lions decided to spend the afternoon in camp.

Part of the wild appeal of visiting Africa is the possibility of being able to experience up-close encounters with wildlife. Fascinated by their behaviour and beautiful appearances, we actively seek wild animals out while on game drives, boat rides, walking safaris and more. Unsurprisingly, we aren’t the only curious ones. The animals are often quite interested in us, and occasionally, they even pay us a visit.

Sandwiched between the Luangwa River and a complex lagoon system, Tena Tena is a magnet for wildlife and it’s not uncommon for guests to be treated to some wonderful sightings from the comfort of the private viewing decks. As Tena Tena is completely unfenced, there’s really nothing stopping the animals from meandering up from the river and into the camp. Just the other day, guests were about to make their way back to their rooms when three lions were spotted in camp. Lying in the shade on a veranda, the cats were enjoying in afternoon siesta and were in no hurry to leave. One of the guides was called to escort the guests back into their room but it was quickly discovered that there was another lion on the path proving to be a formidable watchman.

lion tena 2 (1 of 1)

The big cats reminded us of our low ranking on the wildlife hierarchy.” said Jason, one of the Robin Pope Safari guides.

In addition to the lions coming to visit the camp, guests were treated to some more spectacular lion sightings while out of camp. Out on an afternoon game drive with Jason, the group found the lions just before sunset and were able to spend quite a bit of time observing them. They were even lucky enough to witness one of the young male lions unsuccessfully attempting to hunt a hippo.


Keep up to date with these curious lions and other wildlife action on Robin Pope Safaris new YouTube video series, Safari Diaries. A new 60-second video is released every Monday and takes you on a virtual safari through South Luangwa.

A little more about Tena Tena Camp
Situated in South Luangwa’s hidden gem, the Nsefu Sector, Tena Tena is a remote and rustic tented camp. Each of the six en-suite tents are designed to maximise on comfort and privacy, and each have their own private decks with views over the river. Small and intimate, Tena Tena is the flagship Robin Pope Safaris property and is as close to nature as a bush camp can be.


Every game drive at Tena Tena is an adventure of discovery and every walk an intimate experience, allowing guests to get up close and personal with authentic Africa.

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