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Lunar Eclipse and Lions at Ghoha Hills

Perched high on the granite hills of the Savuti Plains of Chobe National Park in Botswana, overlooking extensive grasslands and rolling savannahs, it’s hard not to be impressed by the location of Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge.

However, while it’s unique placement and dramatic views of the surrounding scenery are certainly draw points, these are hardly the only attractions at the lodge. From bespoke bush dining experience to spectacular wildlife encounters, the team at Ghoha Hills always strives to ensure that their guests always have a truly African experience while staying at this luxury lodge.

Safari Dining under the Stars

Lunar Eclipse

Guests at Ghoha Hills are normally treated to a dinner under the stars, complete with a traditional African dance extravaganza. Just recently, guests enjoyed an extra special dinner with an unusual sighting – a lunar eclipse in action! It was actually a partial eclipse, which is when the earth moves between the sun and the moon, but they are not precisely aligned. This leads to a shadow covering a sliver of the moon, which is actually the earth’s shadow. This normally happens 14 days before the solar eclipse. What a magical experience to enjoy in the wild heart of Africa – a unique celestial event!

Lions Abound

There are two young lionesses and a sub-adult male that have been spotted hanging around on the banks of the waterhole. While guests at Ghoha Hills were busy taking photos, two more lions started contact calling in the distance.

Lions at Ghoha Hill Waterhole

The sub-adult lionesses will remain in her natal pride, but when young males reach roughly two years of age they will be ousted from their birth pride. The males then need to find a new territory and learn how to dominate prides. These particular young lions have often been seen relaxing in the shade close to the hide, and the team at Ghoha assumes the two lions that are contact calling, are part of their original pride.

Lion at Ghoha Hills

The partial lunar eclipse and lion sightings have been a highlight at Ghoha, but these aren’t the only sightings enjoyed. The expansive views and a birds-eye view of the waterhole below the lodge have given rise to exceptional sightings, a few of which include wild dogs in action, breeding herds of buffalo and rare roan antelope replenishing their thirst.

A little more about Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge

Constructed on raised wooden platforms, Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge has two luxury family tents and nine tents with twin beds with private decks. All eleven of these luxurious tented suites are canvas with teak floors, en-suite bathrooms, dressing areas, and carefully selected furnishings and décor.

Ghoha Hills room

The thatched main area of Ghoha Hills includes a dining area, reading areas, a bar and curio shop for souvenirs. It overlooks an active waterhole, allowing guests to experience great game viewing opportunities without even leaving the lodge. Aimed at providing a first-class safari experience to even the most discerning of travellers, this eco-friendly lodge offers a truly unique safari experience in Botswana.

Contact Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge:
Tel: +27 63 613 9144
Email: reservations@ghohahills.com
Web: www.ghohahills.com

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