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Majete puts on a show for Mkulumadzi guests

The rains have come and gone, but Majete Wildlife Reserve is still an emerald green wonderland, and as a result, guests staying at Mkulumadzi have had some really fantastic photo opportunities.

The excess of vegetation also makes for very happy, plump antelope who are all looking their best! The waterbuck, in particular, are really at the forefront, and guides can guarantee at least one sighting per drive.

More water buck and impala
The predators of the park are also not complaining as the abundance of vegetation means there is no shortage of food…and the quality is top notch. Not to be outshone by the waterbuck, the lions have been very present and putting on quite the show for our guests. Mustafa, the head guide at Mkulumadzi got this great shot recently

Lion - credit Mustafa 2

The elephants have also been putting on quite the show with fantastic sightings, including a very playful young male who was so intrigued with our game viewer that he proceeded to block the road for a good 10 minutes while he took a closer look. Not that any of the guests were complaining!

Guests have been lucky both out in the park as well as at the lodge when it comes to game. During lunch, there have been large herds of buffalo coming down to drink directly in front of the lodge – making lunchtimes an experience in itself.


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