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Meeting Old Friends at Mkulumadzi Lodge

When you live in an area as wild and magical as the Majete Wildlife Reserve, it’s hard not to become familiar with the wildlife that share the area with you.

Surrounded by 7,000 hectares of private concession, Mkulumadzi Lodge boasts the idyllic location from which to enjoy one of Malawi’s premier reserves. No matter how much time you spend there, the wonders of the area and its inhabitants are sure to work their way into your heart.

While living in the bush is merely a pipeline dream for many people, it is an everyday reality for Robin Pope Safari’s team member, Erik. Fortunate enough to be immersed in nature on a daily basis, Erik has had his fair share of adventures in the Majete Wildife Reserve.

He shared a few of his recent encounters with some of his old ‘friends’ with us. Be warned, this will probably make you want to quit your job and become a ranger:

“This is a very special place and I have had the pleasure to run into quite a few old acquaintances recently. It was a treat to come across a resident couple of Barred Owlets that live along the Mkulumadzi River. They are a huge hit with everyone who’s lucky enough to see them and are just the cutest little owls you have ever seen.

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I came to know a very exclusive gentlemen’s club of 3 buffalo bulls last year. They made the Mkulumadzi River their local pub and we very often used to share our sundowners with them as they weren’t too bothered by our presence. I was pleased to run into them again, grumpy as ever, looking at me like I owed them money from last year.

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As the reserve dries up, massive herds of buffalo are also forming throughout the reserve and they are concentrating around the remaining water sources.

Our queen lioness, Shire, hasn’t been spotted in a long time and I’m fairly sure she has given birth to a new litter of cubs recently. It’s a very sensitive time in a lion cub’s life and we hope that as many of them as possible grow up to see adulthood one day. Only one male survived out of last year’s litter but he has grown into such a strapping young lad! His mane is starting to show and he is almost the same size as his big sisters.

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The big males, Chimwala and Sapitwa, have gone off on their own for a major patrol around the reserve, marching tirelessly and making sure that no intruders are invading their space. This indicates that lioness Elizabeth, and her two daughters, along with the young male, have formed their own little gang and by the looks of it they are doing just fine by themselves. Clearly Shire raised them right and we were lucky enough to spend an entire morning with them on a nyala kill by the Shire River.”

A little more about Mkulumadzi Lodge
Accessible by footbridge suspended over the Mkulumadzi River, Mkulumadzi Lodge boasts eight luxury chalets, a restaurant and bar, lounge and terrace, shop, fire area, viewing deck and a beautiful swimming pool. Set on the banks of the Shire River, shaded by giant leadwood and marula trees, each chalet comprises a spacious bedroom and lounge, en-suite bathroom, outdoor shower and a private viewing deck where guests can enjoy the sights and sounds of the river. Activities at the lodge include morning and afternoon game drives, boat safaris down the Shire River, cultural visits to the local village and guided walks.

Romantic private dinner at the chalet

Contact Mkulumadzi
Web. www.robinpopesafaris.net
Email. info@robinpopesafaris.net
Tel. +265 (0) 179 4491 / 5483


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