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Mowani Mountain Camp – A Magical Desert Gem

Mowani Mountain Camp, Namibia

Nestled proudly between massive granite boulders and overlooking the breath-taking views of the ruggedly beautiful Damaraland, Mowani Mountain Camp is truly a gem of Namibia.

For travellers looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Mowani is the ideal place to unwind, explore and immerse yourself in the stunning desert landscape.

Mowani Mountain Camp

From the accommodation offered, to the service provided, nothing is done in half-measures at Mowani Mountain Camp. Here are just a few of the ways that Mowani strives to go above and beyond:

Breakfast with a View

Damaraland is often blessed with still crisp mornings which enables Mowani to enhance their guests experience with a scrumptious outdoor breakfast with a view. The team specifically likes to do this for special occasions. The view is spectacular and as the sun rises it bring the boulders to life in the distance. Guests can enjoy their breakfasts while being warmed by the sunshine and serenaded by the sounds of birds chirping in the background.

Outdoor breakfast at Mowani, Namibia

New Additions to Mowani’s Walking Trail

The “Koppie Walking Trail” is a 3km scenic walk around the Mowani Mountain. So, in order to make the walk a little more informative, Mowani has put in new information boards at intervals around the trail, highlighting some of the many amazing rock formations and flora that can be seen on the walk. The trail is clearly marked, and it is delightful to take a stroll in the early morning when it is still cool in Damaraland.



Campsite Upgrade

Mowani Campsites have recently completed an upgrade. As Damaraland is going into summer, temperatures are beginning to soar, and campers require a little extra shade. Therefore, the team at Mowani has added ochre coloured shade covers to each of the campsites with a table and bench for the camper’s comfort. You simply cannot beat the view from the Mowani Campsite over the hills of the Damaraland landscape!

w138680_28604_mowani-campsites_mowani-campsitePhoto by Mietsie Visser

All of this is just a part of the magic that makes Mowani Mountain Camp such a special destination in Namibia.

Contact Mowani Mountain Camp
Web. www.mowani.com
Email. reservations@cbt.co.na
Tel. 264 61 232 009

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