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New Fossil Species Discovered at Musango

In January 2017 a team of scientists from various parts of the world visited Musango Safari Camp to investigate a dinosaur fossil that was found there.



Steve Edwards, the owner of Musango Safari Camp, has been collecting dinosaur fossils for the last 15 years and has recently discovered a species new to science.


The scientists confirmed that this new species is known as Phytosaurus and is an ancient relative of the crocodile, with very crocodile-like features. The Phytosaurus is from the late Triassic/early Jurassic period, placing it at about 150-200 million years ago.


Besides the Phytosaurus fossils, Steve has also discovered prehistoric lungfish teeth plates which are some of the oldest fossils in sub-Saharan Africa.

Musango is one of the six founding members of Classic Safari Africa and is 26 years old this year. However, when you think of just how old the fossils surrounding Musango are, that hardly seems old at more. There is still so much more to discover at Musango, why not come and explore with us?

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