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New Wild Dog Pups at Leopard Mountain

It has been rumoured for quite some time that our two wild dogs have been denning.

But with the weeks flying past with no sign of them we were starting to give up hope until sounds of pups was heard from the apparent den site. Still, there was no visual of the wild dogs with puppies. A couple of weeks passed and just when the hope was starting to dwindle once again, our prayers were answered and our anticipation rewarded, we received pictures of three very healthy 3.5 to 4 month old puppies. Whilst not quite ready to hunt with the adults, they are starting to move around with them over long distances.

Wild dog pups 3

Wild dogs, or the African Painted Dog, are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List, where numbers are dwindling across Africa each year. We are happy to be a part of their conservation and survival as we add three more to their numbers. These individuals will eventually add to future generations’ genetic diversity, possibly across Africa.

Wild dog pups

Credit: Jian du Plooy

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