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Savuti Pride puts on a performance for Ghoha Guests

The recent cool mornings and clear skies have provided the photographic guests at Ghoha Hills with amazing light for some awe-inspiring photography opportunities.

Ghoha Hill was privileged to host these talented, passionate wildlife photographers at the lodge. With their vehicles seating 6 guests only, allowing everyone their own window seat and the added comfort of beanbags for the cameras, Ghoha Hills is a definite destination of choice for photo-enthusiasts.

Ghoha Hills Photographic Game Drive
Ghoha Hill guides, Kennedy and Timothy, are both are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Savuti Marsh, which is renowned for being a prime game viewing destination. Time and time again, they manage to be at the right place at the right time, like when 12 lions from the famous Savuti Pride were spotted quenching their thirst at Rhino Vlei!

Lions at Savuti Marsh

Lions at Ghoha Hills

As the days went by all sorts of ‘out the box’ photo opportunities presented themselves and nobody was slow on the button. For example, an elephant was photographed in such a way that his trunk created a beautiful frame for a warthog in the background:

elephant and warthog savuti marsh

A leopard, sleek and majestic, was photographed framed by trees:

leopard savuti marsh
This cheetah dining on the Kudu female:

cheetah eating kudu savuti marsh
And finally, the infamous honey badger:

Honey badger savuti marsh
Being avid developing wildlife photographers, Ghoha Hills guides work with the guests to ensure great opportunities of capturing their memories for perpetuity. No Botswana safari is complete without the fascinating baobab tree featured in a bold, brilliant, and, rich in colour sunset – and again Ghoha Hills guides were at the right place at the right time for a magnificent sunset.

Seeing the joy, passion and sheer enjoyment of what Mother Nature hands out, is such a pleasure when hosting guests. Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge is part of such a unique environment and delivers on dreams time and again! Book your stay with them and make your safari dreams a reality.


All photos taken by Jerry Xu.

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