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Special Sunsets, Fossils and Wildlife Sightings at Musango Safari Camp

With the phenomenal drop in the water level at Lake Kariba, huge tracts of land are being exposed offering guests at Musango Safari Camp a multitude of opportunities for great game, landscape and even fossil viewing on the fresh grasslands.

PHOTO-2019-08-30-08-58-20© Musango Safari Camp

BRAD Vundu© Musango Safari Camp

Guests have been treated to new fishing areas that test their angling skills, exploring freshly exposed dinosaur fossils sites and lava flows, and taking in unique and dramatic landscapes bathed in constantly changing light.

Baby Hippo

Baby Hippo playing© Musango Safari Camp

Mud banks and sandy beaches are the perfect playground for mischievous hippo calves and grazing land for their hungry parents.

0D4A9729© Musango Safari Camp

The new migrant bird arrivals are settling in for the warmer months in Zimbabwe, previously drowned forests are now exposed and sunsets blaze as guests bid goodnight to another day on safari at Lake Kariba. These scenes are the envy of any photographer.

PHOTO-2019-08-30-08-58-10© Musango Safari Camp

It is a wonderful time to be on the lake!

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