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Special Wildlife Sightings at Mkulumadzi

The rains have turned Majete Wildlife Reserve lush and green, and while it is a bit too thick for walking safaris, the wildlife sightings have been excellent! 

On a recent morning game drive, guests were treated to a special sighting. It all began with the usual 5 am wake-up call followed by a quick breakfast and cuppa before heading out into the park. During the drive, the antelopes of Majete Wildlife Reserve really put on a show, with sable, nyala, kudu, bushbuck, waterbuck and impala all making an appearance within the first hour.




Mali suggested they have their morning tea break on the Majete airstrip which may sound strange but he assured the guests that is was quite a hub of activity and a popular place to see giraffe. True to form, they arrived at the airstrip to see it littered with warthogs, impala, and giraffe! Way to go, Mali!



After the morning tea break, it was back to business. Mali asked if there were any special requests in terms of what guests would like to see. Leopard was top of the list as the night before the guests had been treated to a lovely lion sighting. Mali explained that although he is not ruling out seeing a leopard, they have however been quite elusive over the past few weeks. Less than 5 minutes later, lo and behold, they came across a beautiful leopard, enjoying the early morning sun! Guests were in awe and thus the photographic evidence is a little shaky however none the less, here it is as well as some other lovely sightings from that morning drive.

Mkulumadzi is part of an exciting celebratory package to mark its sister camp, Kuthengo Camps first year in operation. The package combines two very special parks in Malawi:

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