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What’s in store for Garonga this year?

Now that the new year has begun, the team at Garonga Safari Camp is ready and rearing to come up with something fresh and invigorating for guests at Garonga.

Guests can now enter our Photographic Competition and post images to a Garonga Facebook page after their travels. The categories for the images are Fun, Animals and The Lodge. Every three months, an independent person will judge and award the prize (Champagne, Hamper etc) for the best image.

Hyena mother and cub at Garonga Safari Camp

In other news, rains, like in most areas of South Africa, have been few and far between.

Our Extended Stay Package (Stay 5 pay 4) is proving ever so popular, giving guests the opportunity to do all those additional activities such as the Sleepout, The Star Bath, Massages, Microlite and so forth.

Private dining at Garonga Safari Camp

We are shortly due to close for most of March for our annual clean up and maintenance, and staff will be heading off on their annual 3 weeks leave. Our Garonga waiter, who won the “Most Sold Wines” Competition at the lodge, will get a chance to visit Cape Town and go on a 5 day training course with our main wine distributor. Well, that’s what they think, but actually we are sending all the waiters down there to do this, so it will come as a big surprise to them!

All and all, it’s looking like a very positive year ahead for Garonga and we look forward to sharing with you.

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