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Who’s been spotted at Mashatu’s Matebole Hide?

The Matebole Hide on Mashatu Game Reserve is renowned for the daily visits by family herds of elephant, sometimes up to 200 in a morning.

The hide accommodates eight photographers who are able to capture images from some very unique angles. It has been operational since 2011, but it’s the most recent resident which has had cameras clicking even more frantically.

A mother leopard and her two sub-adult cubs have made the waterhole in front of the hide, the ‘local’ drinks spot. A big male was heard calling and walked past the hide, but never actually stopped for a drink. Imagine being at eye-level with, and within a few meters of, a leopard drinking, gazing into her stare, as she quenches her thirst.

Mashatu 2

The cell phone videos, professional photographs and time lapses have all been outstanding due to these frequent visits. Every sense is on edge as this family of leopards stroll right past the hide, without a concern for the photographers close by.


The leopards have all been very relaxed at the hide and the only thing to startle them are the herds of elephant rushing in for water.

Mashatu is renowned for “leopards falling out of trees.” Well, if money doesn’t grow on trees, then at least the leopards do!

All photos were taken by Janet Kleyn. For more images, please follow us on Instagram: mashatu_game_reserve and on Facebook: Mashatu Game Reserve


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