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Wildlife Visitors at Machaba Camp

One of the most exciting parts about going on a safari is the possibility of spotting wild animals in their natural environment.

Every dawn and dusk, game vehicles carrying guides and guests take to the dusty dirt roads in search of wildlife. It’s a safari tradition that’s not to be missed. However, sometimes it pays to be lazy and just hang around the campgrounds. This is what guests at Machaba Camp have recently discovered.

African wild dogs are one of the most endangered carnivore species in the world and seeing one in the wild is an absolute privilege. At Machaba Camp, guests have been treated to numerous wild dog sightings without even needing to look for them! With their den site not far from Machaba, the wild dogs are regularly spotted running through camp as part of their hunting grounds.

IMG_1692Photo © Shaun Malan

Rushing through the floodplains, flushing antelope out of their hiding spots and weaving in and out of the main camp – it certainly is a brilliant spectacle to observe. Just last month they killed an impala right in front of Room 4 and Room 6, and they even managed to take down a baby waterbuck at the bush dinner spot. The pack has also grown as the alpha female recently gave birth to 12 pups. These cuties were spotted leaving their den site the other day. Take a look at the video below:

Just downriver of Machaba, lions took down a buffalo which created quite a bit of excitement, not to mention the night time sounds which drifted into camp! Whilst this was happening, just behind Machaba Camp, a leopard killed a waterbuck but was unable to defend its kill from nine hungry hyenas.

The hippos have been fighting for territories as ponds are shrinking in the dry season. The ‘hippo-beach’, located opposite the Machaba pool, is constantly occupied with sunbathing hippo. Their snorts and grunts can be heard throughout camp.

It just goes to show that you really don’t need to go far to experience some fantastic wildlife sightings, especially when you’re staying at Machaba Camp.

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