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Changing of the Seasons at John’s Camp

Robin Pope Safaris, Mana Pools

For most people, a change in the season might mean switching to a cooler wardrobe and making sure your beach body is ready. In the bush, however, a new season can totally transform a landscape and bring with it new life.

One of the best places to witness the drastic changes that come with the new season is the floodplains. Situated in the far north of Zimbabwe, Mana Pools is a pristine wilderness park, and the floodplains provide a sanctuary for the wildlife that inhabits the area. Perched on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, nestled amongst canopies of Trichelia and Mahogany trees, Robin Pope Safaris’ John’s Camp is lucky enough to be able to call this piece of paradise ‘home’ for 7 months of the year (from May to November).

Sarah from John’s Camp tells us a little more about the magic of Mana Pools at this time of year:

“The season is already half way through, and it still feels as it has just started! We get so distracted with the chaos of our daily lives, we often do forget to stop and realise the beauty that surrounds us. But thank goodness for all our wonderful guests, who do remind us daily how lucky we are to work in such a beautiful part of the world!

John's Camp, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Due to the heavy rainfall this season, Mana is still fairly green and the ground cover is still thick, making it a little harder than usual to see the game. August winds have arrived and the season is changing. Long, hot summer days are fast approaching, so we are all making the most of the beautiful warm, sparkly days.

John's Camp, Mana Pools

As the days warm up, the bush around Mana Pools will transform and dry out, with that bringing the animals down onto the flood plain. Guests have already had some incredible sightings in and around John’s Camp, including a rare sighting of the Cape clawless otter (sadly no photographic evidence). African Wild Dog have been seen on a few occasions recently, and earlier this week they came right through camp, which always gets everyone excited.

wildlife at John's Camp, Zimbabwe

Lions seem to be part of the ‘scenery’ now with almost daily sightings and calls. They definitely keep everyone on their toes. A beautiful bull elephant wanders through camp most days looking for fresh apple ring pods which have fallen during the night. Life in Mana is just wonderful!”

A little more about John’s Camp

Generously spaced out along the floodplain adjacent to the Zambezi River, John’s Camp comprises of 5 Meru style canvas tents, a common dining area, and a sleep-out deck.

John's Camp, Mana Pools

As the camp is situated in the only wild walking National Park in Africa, walks guided by passionate and knowledgeable guides are a favourite among guests at John’s Camp. Other activities on offer include game drives, wonderful bush lunches, and tours of the local village and park office.

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