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Dry conditions continue at John’s Camp

October is typically our hottest month in Mana Pools. By this time of year, the bush is dry and the shrubbery sparse.

Animals congregate around the limited water sources in search of food and water. As you will remember from our last update, we are experiencing a drought in the area (it is important to remember that these do periodically occur in the region); which means that the last rainy season’s less than average rainfall has led to drier than usual conditions early on in the season. Hay bales have been brought in to supplement the browser’s natural food source and help the game get through until the next rains.

These conditions are ideal for game viewing, both on foot and in a vehicle, and have provided our guests with some of our most incredible sightings yet! We recently had a group of guests in camp witness a lion attack a herd of buffalo who were grazing on the floodplain in front of the guests’ dinner table.

George Leaky was in Mana Pools and was lucky enough to catch this, as well as the very essence of John’s Camp, in this captivating clip:

What a way to end such a fantastic season! So many highlights and so many accolades, so we will leave you with this recent anecdote from one of our guests:

Extraordinary Experience TripAdvisor Review
“This camp is absolute perfection for anyone interested in luxury and wilderness. At camp, every detail is thought of. The tents are fantastic, the food is swoon-worthy, the staff is wonderful…it’s all just magnificent. The location overlooking the floodplain could not be more perfect for maximum wildlife interaction and viewing. If all you did was sit in camp you’d have a spectacular experience… but you will absolutely want to go out on the unique walking safaris. I’ve never felt more a part of my immediate environment than when we were tracking lions into the grass and following at a safe distance the massive bull elephants eating from trees. The guides and trackers are incredible and you’ll be amazed at their skills and knowledge. Spend a night on the star deck for added awesomeness and listen to lions hunt below.

Mana Pools is honestly paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. Johns camp exceeded any expectation I had of a safari experience. You are so close to the action… elephants walking through camp, baboons drinking from your water basin at the tent, buffalo wandering toward fresh munching grass… but you always feel safe and the staff always have an eye on you when you walk alone through camp. I travel for a living…and been fortunate to see a lot of beautiful places, stay in a lot of unique locations…. and this place is at the top of my life highlight reel. Did I mention lions took down a buffalo behind our camp as we ate dinner? All we needed was David Attenborough’s voice for a play by play of the action.”

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