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Leopards and Lodge Upgrades at The Hide

After the long-awaited changing of the guard, Zimbabwe is finally reinventing and re-establishing itself as one of Africa’s safari gems.

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest and surpassed in Africa only by the Serengeti and Kruger, offers the rare chance to experience an expansive and truly untamed wilderness.

Rarely Spotted

At The Hide, we have had some remarkable wildlife sightings this season so far. Breaking the silent winter nights, Leopard have been heard calling close to camp. A favourite among guests, this notoriously elusive creature is rarely spotted but with a bit of luck and good timing you may just catch a glimpse of the animal, effortlessly poised in graceful perfection.

Then in the blink of an eye, and one nonchalant movement they tend to disappear. One of our knowledgeable guides and a talented photographer, Daffwel Marumahoko, managed to capture a spectacular moment of this young male Leopard in all of its regal beauty.  This young male was viewed by some lucky guests twice in the past month.

daffy leopard june 2018

Another rare and interesting sighting this month, Africa’s second fastest cat and solitary hunter the exquisite Serval Cat. This speedy feline has a very unique hunting technique, using echo location to track down its prey upon which it pounces at vertical speed with its perfectly designed lengthily legs.

daffy serval cat june 2018

Cecil’s Legacy Lives On

The sheer, vast immensity of Hwange National Park allows its nomadic inhabitants to wander freely. After an extended period of roaming other areas of the park Cecil’s pride were recently sighted near Nweshla, feeding on a large male elephant. Cecil’s two sub-adult cubs were said to have been flourishing, both boasting healthy new manes. After a few days of lazily feeding the pride followed the dusty trail of a large herd of buffalo to another concession.

Lunch-time entertainment

There are few places on the planet where you can immerse yourself in such an impressive concentration of wild animals. We like to take advantage of the magnitude of biodiversity that Hwange National Park has to offer as often as we can, allowing guests a more wholesome experience of their surroundings.

One of our favourite activities is dining out in the wilderness, with the safety of guides and a vehicle close by of course, but wild none the less.


The fortunate guests of one particular ‘bush brunch’ found themselves front row seats to a real-life National Geographic Documentary moment, when a cheetah and her sub-adult cubs chased and killed an impala on the other side of the watering hole right in front of them! With nothing but the pan and a veil of spiky Acacia tree’s separating them from the chase, it is safe to say that was a once in a lifetime experience.

A Time for Reinvention

We have taken advantage of this time of change to rejuvenate ourselves at The Hide. Following up on the renovation sneak- peak that we gave you in our last newsletter, we are pleased to share with you the final results. We worked closely with the award-winning, young Zimbabwean designers from Form Studio, to accomplish a modern and spatially generous A-Frame and main area, complementing the vastness of our surroundings.


With space in mind, we have elevated the ceilings in Toms Little Hide giving it a light feel and elegant finish. We have completed The Private Hide with its very own luxury pool and decking area, designed with the intent of enjoying an evening G&T with panoramic vistas of the Vlei.


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