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Mouth-Watering Safari at Mkulumadzi

Part of the fun of going on a safari is being able to indulge in some guilt-free gourmet meals. After all, calories don’t count when you’re on holiday!

Meal times at Mkulumadzi Lodge are always a scrumptious affair. From breakfasts overlooking the Shire River to private dining in the rooms to spectacular set-ups under the starry night sky, the location of every meal is special and sets the scene for a delectable dining experience.

Breakfast at Mkulumadzi Lodge

With a reputation for delivering exceptional service in every aspect, the expectations are high for the chef at Mkulumadzi. However, Thomas Emmanual, head chef at Mkulumadzi, has no problem in exceeding these expectations daily.

Food at Mkulumadzi Lodge

Mkulumadzi shares a little more about the man responsible for their mouth-watering menu:
“Zimbabwean born, Thomas Emmanual moved to Malawi at the young age of 5 and has lived in the local village of Mwalija near Majete Wildlife Reserve for 29 years. Thomas started working at Mkulumadzi Lodge nearly 5 years ago. Having been trained by previous executive chefs at the lodge, 34-year-old Thomas is now our main chef working tirelessly to provide delicious meals to our guests. Thomas is married with 3 children – two boys ages 15 years and 10 years, one girl age 4 years and another child on the way very soon. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, listening to local and gospel music and singing in his church choir. Thomas says he likes working close to home at Mkulumadzi and enjoys making guests happy with his food.”

Lucky for us, Thomas also shared the secret recipe to one of his favourite dishes to cook for guests:

Bacon wrapped pork fillet

• 8 to 10 slices of Streaky Bacon, long enough to wrap around the pork 1½ times.
• 1lb / 500g Pork Tenderloin, at room temperature
• ½ tsp Salt
• 1 tsp Pepper
• 1 tsp Dried Rosemary
• 2 tablespoons BBQ sauce
• 1 tbsp Olive Oil

• ½ cup dry white wine
• 2 tsp Hot English Mustard (or Dijon)
• 1-pint cream


  • In a large bowl, mix together the salt, pepper, dried rosemary, and BBQ sauce. Place pork fillet in bowl to coat it.
  • Lay the bacon next to each other on a cutting board, slightly overlapping (per photo below). The width of the bacon should be enough to wrap the length of the pork.
  • Tuck the thin end under so the length of the pork is roughly the same thickness. Place pork on the bacon. Use a knife to help keep the bacon together and roll up the pork, finishing with the seam side down. If necessary, secure with toothpicks.
  • Heat the olive oil in a skillet over high heat.
  • ear the pork on all sides until nicely browned.
  • Remove pork from skillet to cool. Slice into medallions.
  • Mix together the white wine, mustard, and cream.
  • On low heat, put the pork back into skillet. Add the white wine cream sauce mixture. Simmer for 25 to 30 minutes (Note 1), basting fillet with the cream sauce while cooking. Do not overcook the sauce as the cream will separate.
  • Let it rest for 5 minutes. Baste once more just before serving.

Pork tenderloin is an extremely lean cut of meat. So, you really need to be careful not to overcook it. Remember, you are starting the cooking process when you sear the pork and continues to cook while resting.

Private dining at Mkulumadzi Lodge

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