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New Beginnings at Leopard Mountain

Leopard Mountain welcomes a band of newcomers of all shapes and sizes onto the game reserve. Introducing “new blood” to a game reserve can help strengthen bloodlines which are very important when dealing with endangered species’.

As a way to keep the genetic lines of predators “clean”- so to say- we introduce “new” males to the various populations every two or three years. From a game reserve in Limpopo Province, we welcome two male lions aged at around 5 years old. We are sure these brothers will establish a territory within the game reserve in no time.

lions manyoni private game reserve

We have also been undergoing a bonding of sorts with our pack of African painted dogs. Our original males have been put in an external boma to be bonded to a group of new females and will be relocated to a nearby reserve. Our females have been joined together with four dispersal males from a game reserve in the area. Once successfully bonded, the group of six will be released back into our game reserve.

wild dogs manyoni private game reserve

Not a predator – but also a newcomer – is a new male hippo. For the last few years, we’ve had only mature cows and with the new bull, we hope to see new calves.

And finally, not a relocation, but an introduction of a new generation of lion cubs. We are ecstatic to welcome five new furballs onto the game reserve and wish “mum” the best of luck protecting her cubs in the upcoming years. She has proven to be quite an effective mother in the past, successfully raising her first litter of four females to maturity.

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