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Nighttime Magic at Machaba

As the night falls around Machaba Camp, many magical changes come into play.

The sky darkens as the sun sets and the stars start flickering, the sounds and calls of the insects change, diurnal animals find their spot to rest for the night, while the nocturnal animals are waking ready for their turn wading through the African bush. Some of these animals even make their presence known and sneak in for a visit around camp. The serval is often seen running past Machaba’s main area while guests are enjoying a scrumptious meal under the Botswana sky.

serval at machaba camp

Evenings in the camp are an intimate affair. Stories and encounters from the day’s game drives are shared between guests and rangers while they sit around the fire anticipating the culinary delights being prepared in the kitchen. Dining is usually done in a communal fashion as this enhances the depth of experience between the guests, perhaps even sharing various tips they’ve learned from their time in the bush or something extra special to look out for.

After dinner, under the blanket of stars above, guests are escorted to their tents, where they retreat to the comfort of their beds, letting the sounds, sights, and smells of their day settle into memories before the new day begins and the cycle starts again.

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