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Star Beds and Sunrises at John’s Camp

John’s Camp is closed this time of the year due to a slight issue of road access, but Milo Harrup (who runs the show at John’s Camp) makes the occasional trip all the way into Mana Pools to check on everything there and was kind enough to give us a little update. Over to you, Milo:

“Upon arriving in Mana after 20mls of heavy rain the night before, we came across one of Mana’s pride and joy; Boswell, our dancing elephant. Boswell is a very unique and rare bull African Elephant only found in Mana Pools. He has developed the special ability to reach up high into the canopies of the albidas on his hind legs. This gives him an extra 2.5-meter height advantage over any other elephant on the floodplain, thus making the picking’s rich for him and his adoring cronies that follow him closely. Boswell also happens to be very well endowed on the ivory front, so this and his dancing really does make him our most iconic bull. You will notice that for this reason he is fitted with a GPS satellite tracking collar that is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

Whilst in Mana we were able to take advantage of our new Star Deck and sleep out on it for the 2 nights we were there. It was almost a full moon so what an experience. We built this right at the end of last year as a new addition to what we have to offer so we got to take full advantage of it and all we have to say is: Guests, standby! This deck is waiting for you and is a dreamy place to lie at night and listen to the amazing sounds of the African wild, as well as the bonus of being able to stare into a night sky illuminated by thousands wonderful stars and far away galaxies.

In contrast to staring into the magical night sky, the sunrise over the Pan behind John’s Camp is similarly spectacular. The pan is a very rich water source where guests are often treated to whole prides of lion drinking and resting up after a hard night’s work! And just to finish off with a couple of wonderful and very special scenes, we have an aerial shot of the floodplain in front of John’s Camp leading into the Zambezi River, as well as the view upriver from John’s Camp, again Aerial in the wet!”

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