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Starting the New Season with Bang at Tena Tena

Tena Tena has finally opened it’s ‘doors’ for a new season, and it’s been fun and games for the team, getting it in tip-top shape prior to opening because they had a gatecrasher who got up to some mischief.

The animal in question was a large civet, who has frequented the area for a while but decided to run amok in the camp as it has developed a liking to eating the paint on the floors in the tents. Several rooms had to be re-done and the tents put up rather quickly to avoid further paint consumption!

Now that everything is in place, we imagine our friend the civet is not too pleased that it’s access to the paint has been cut off, however, he is still making an appearance, much to the delight of guests.



Apart from our resident civet, Tena Tena also has a lovely leopard who has been walking through the camp in the evening as well as a rather timid pride of lions who have made their home in the area.


Rocky 029

Tena Tena is part of a special celebratory package this year, celebrating its sister camp Nsefu turning 20 years under the RPS banner. A huge milestone deserves a special celebration and this package is exactly that:

A glimse into our world

We are offering a brief look into our landscapes, game, properties, and experiences across Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe via short video clips. These have been produced by award-winning documentary-makers, Will and Lianne Steenkamp, producers of the much-loved Safari Diaries.


Enjoy the scenic tours and be inspired to visit us in person soon!

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