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Take a dip in Devil’s Pool with Tongabezi

Tongabezi Devil's Pool

“It is simultaneously a terrifying and awe-inspiring thing to do and it definitely makes its way to the top of the list of the most exhilarating and mind blowing things I have ever done.”
–    Clare Townsend (Africa Geographic)

Situated adjacent from Livingstone Island in the Zambezi River, Devil’s Pool is a naturally occurring and deceptively dangerous-looking rock pool. For most people, even the name ‘Devil’s Pool’ would be enough to put you off the experience. However, those looking to flirt with the wild side are unlikely to find anything else quite as thrilling as swimming to the edge of the Victoria Falls.

On a recent trip to Tongabezi, Clare Townsend from Africa Geographic , and her sister were afforded the unforgettable opportunity to get up close and personal with the mighty falls, and brave the swim to Devil’s Pool. In an Africa Geographic blog about the experience, Claire said it was “an encounter with the raw force of nature that awakens in you a sense of bold adventure”.

Here is what else Clare had to say about her adventure:

“Upon arrival at Livingstone Island and, after a quick and necessary change into our swimming gear (and a very essential inspection of the aptly named “loo with a view”), we were whisked off to the edge of the river, right in the heart of the smoke that thunders. Entranced by the beautiful mist-like smoke we tentatively followed our guide to the rocky edge. On his expert instruction and supervision, we made our merry way into the warm and welcoming water of the Zambezi River, enjoying the songs of birds and sounds of the wild yet gentle water. Our guide professionally ensured that the brief swim (at times against the strength of the current) and small rock scramble to the pool was effected safely and efficiently.

Swimming in Victoria Falls

Once at the pool we swam anxiously towards our guide, who directed us to where we could safely sit. There is a convenient ledge of rock that seems to have been put there for the very act of lounging casually in the warm jacuzzi-like water, until a further surprise alerted us to the fact that we were not alone in the water and that, every so often, little fish would keenly nibble at our feet. In advanced modern societies, this is considered a luxury and such beauty regimes are heralded in the best spas all over the world, but in the Devil’s Pool it’s nature’s luxury and no spa on earth can boast an experience and setting quite like it. Certainly no one could ever replicate the experience that Tongabezi can offer at the precipice of a natural wonder of the world, in the Devil’s own pool.

Swimming in Devil's Pool

After our death defying swim and incredible “bucket list” experience we were ravenous and, to our delight, were treated to a Benedict breakfast on Livingstone Island. A perfect ending to one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life.”


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