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The real Mann’s safari at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

Our specialist photographic safari guide, Darren Donovan, recently had the opportunity to guide some of our all-time favourite return guests at Jaci’s Safari Lodge. Click here for his full blog post and all the stunning images!

“I had the real pleasure of guiding some return guests for a photographic safari. The Mann’s had returned! Knowing their love for anything that moves, we made our way out on the first drive. We took it really easy and took in the green season. The plains game was out for show, as well as a Goliath Heron at Tshukudu dam.

lanner falcon

After all the rains, Tshukudu dam was attracting a lot of water birds because the African Bull Frogs were mating, so there was plenty of food available. We stopped for drinks and had a Dung Beetle couple with their brood ball. We got on our bellies and snapped him trying to push it all along.

dung beetle

On the first morning, we made our way to the south of the reserve. Again taking it slow. The focus moved on to birds as we found a beautiful Lanner Falcon in a dead Leadwood tree. He watched us for a while, and after several minutes of holding heavy lenses in anticipation of the moment of flight, the falcon took off and we snapped a few good images.

We were then highly surprised with an incredibly special sighting of a Long-tailed Paradise Whydah doing a courtship display. We watched him sing his dance to the female’s heart!

long-tail paradise wydah

We finished the morning off by watching the largest butterfly migration in Southern Africa moving through the reserve. A large number of brown-veined white butterflies had taken a break and were feeding on the flowering Devils thorns. Again we got low, and were forced back onto the vehicle by an approaching elephant bull…”

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