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Wild Dogs at The Hide

We all have our lists of ‘must-sees’ when it comes to wildlife on an African safari, and the iconic Big Five are usually found at the top of those lists.


As incredible as the Big Five are to see, you will find that wildlife viewing does not end there. At The Hide, located in the heart of Hwange National park, we have had some incredible once-in-a-lifetime encounters with some very rare animals.



Our most recent encounter was of the enigmatic and fascinating African wild dog, also known as the painted dog. Last week, during an evening game drive, we were lucky enough to come across a pack of painted dogs right by the Dove’s Nest, only 10 minutes from Camp! Famous for their extraordinarily large ears and multi-coloured coats, painted dogs are known as Africa’s most efficient hunters.


On a separate occasion, a single painted dog was seen on a kill, which two hyenas tried to steal from it – our guide Nkosi watched the whole scene take place and managed to capture some incredible action shots!

Sadly these beautiful creatures are one of Africa’s most endangered species, there are thought to be less than 5000 left worldwide. The Hide seeks to help protect and assist these special animals by supporting Zimbabwe’s Painted Dog Conservation, which is a rehabilitation facility for sick and injured pups who are then released back into the wild.

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