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Wildlife Sightings at Machaba

This past month of sightings at Machaba Camp within the Khwai Concession has been a real treat to guests and staff alike.

Lion sightings have been in abundance, and we were thrilled with the arrival of two cubs who have caught everyone’s attention. Five lionesses from the pride were seen feasting on a zebra carcass. Another lioness put on a show when she sprinted up a tree in an attempt to steal a leopards’ kill, alas, she did not succeed.

Wild dog presence has been plentiful as well. We have seen packs of wild dogs meeting up with other packs. We have seen them completely dispersed, we have witnessed them playing, hunting, panting in the heat, cooling down in mud pools and feasting. One remarkable sighting was observing the wild dogs feasting on a hippo carcass. We sat quietly observing this unique sighting until a pack of hyenas ruined the party for them and took over the remains of the hippo carcass.

We witnessed a mating pair of leopards at Maghoto towards the end of the month. We also spotted several leopard kills in trees (the baby impalas make a nice, quick and easy meal for them). We had the privilege of welcoming an unknown leopard into the Khwai area. His one eye seems a little damaged, so he is easily recognizable. We look forward to seeing what he gets up to in the coming months.

leopard at machaba camp

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