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Safari Advice

What to Bring

Passport, visas, money, tickets, itinerary
Neutral bush coloured clothing (there is laundry in all camps so 3 sets is fine)
Warm jacket/fleece and long trousers for early morning and evening for most areas
Swim wear
Hat or cap, sunglasses
One pair sturdy shoes
Camera with plenty of spare film, or disc and batteries
Flashlight or torch with spare batteries
Binoculars per person
High factor sunscreen and after sun lotion
Insect repellent
Personal medications
Light rain jacket (if travelling in the rainy season)

Visa Requirements

The visa requirements vary for each country depending on your nationality, so please check with the lodge or your travel agent to confirm visa requirements for your travels.

If entering South Africa, please note that you will need 6 blank facing pages in your passport.


Malaria is prevalent in Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and some parts of South Africa. It is highly recommended that you obtain a malaria prophylactic from your local physician prior to travel.

You must also have a yellow fever vaccination if entering Tanzania, Zambia or Zimbabwe after coming from an infected area.

Up to date Tetanus and Hepatitis injections are required for some countries, but recommended for all.

Please ensure that you have medical insurance for your travels. All of the lodges have First Aid trained staff and medical insurance for emergencies, but in many places, like Namibia, you may need to pay up front to receive medical attention, due to the remoteness of many of the lodges.


Please make sure to lock all of your bags when travelling and to obtain travel insurance prior to departure. It is recommended that you travel with a set of clothes and essential items in your carry-on bags in case of luggage being lost.

Most airlines travelling to Classic Safari Camp destinations have a luggage limit between 12-20 KG and require luggage be packed in soft bags, please confirm prior to departure.


Lodges accept all major currencies (USD, GBP, and Euro). If using USD, please make sure to bring new notes as most countries do not accept old notes (with smaller heads). Many lodges accept credit cards, but generally only Visa and MasterCard, please check with the lodge if they accept your particular card and if any fees will be incurred. Cash is the easiest form of payment during your stay.

In some countries like Tanzania and Zambia, you may be required to pay departure tax when departing from the airport on an international or domestic flight. Please confirm with the lodge prior to departure if you will need to pay departure tax and what the current rates are.

Voltage is AC 220V at all lodges, but plugs vary from country to country, so make sure to travel with a set of adapters to ensure your ability to charge and use your appliances on your safari. Some bush camps may not have power in the rooms, but do have a facility to charge cameras, etc.

Water which is served is safe to drink at all of the camps, but if you would prefer bottled water, please request from staff and they will be happy to accommodate your wishes. Please be careful when consuming water in rural areas.

Please make sure to inform the lodge staff of any dietary requirements or allergies prior to travel.

Tipping is not required at any of the lodges, but if you feel the service was deserving of a tip, a general guideline is $5-$10 per person per day for guides, valets, and general lodge staff.